Global Media Agency

561 Digital

Brandishing a $7 Million annual media budget the requires meticulous attention to detail and 561 Digital needed someone they could not only trust to execute multivariate testing and optimization across multiple mediums, vendors, and continents – they needed someone they could trust with large sums of money, and could execute sometimes complicated financial dealings with banks in different countries. Axiom handles all aspects of this as Agency of Record with weekly reporting and a custom built, real-time dashboard so the client can keep up to-the-minute with real-time metrics, and rest assured that their media dollars are in good hands. Due to the sensitive nature of this client’s business Axiom offered full discretion, including a comprehensive mutual NDA – as such no further details are available

  • Annual Budget: $7mm
  • Data Points Analyzed: Over 400 monthly
  • Sign-Ups: 255,454
  • ROAS: 1.4x