eSports / Gaming Studio

We boast two beastly gaming machines in our office – running two full size, top of the line racing/flying simulators – along with Oculus Rift-S and a host of other eSports toys that allow us to game, stream, and test-top of the line equipment, games, and platforms. Need to connect your discord to your OBS and Twitch and stream across multiple twitch channels or Youtube Live? We have you covered.

Marketing Partnerships / Sponsorships

The Axiom partners boast a few dedicated gamers (we won’t say who), as well as in-depth sports marketing expertise. With this potent mixture of knowledge, we can help your brand enter the eSports arena and gain traction among an untapped audience, or help to propel your current brand into the next stratosphere.

eSports Branding

If you’re thinking about launching an eSports brand, consider it is a unique use-case with specific requirements for how your logo may appear, and a very specific audience you are trying to reach. We know the ins and outs and have Gen Z and Millennial consults on our team that can provide the feedback you need to get your brand right – from the start.

Stream + Platform Management

We can host your stream from our eSports studio or do it remotely. Need custom graphics overlays? No problem. We have the technical know-how, computing power, bandwidth, and expertise to make sure you look like a pro streaming wizard.Even if you just need us to make sure everything is connected right and looking sharp so your channel draws the right kind of attention – it’s no problem.

Stream Monetization

There are many different ways to monetize a stream once a following is built. We specialize in maximizing return and expanding revenue streams in creative ways to keep your audience interacting and engaged while earning you money.