Making the Brand: Proper Meats & Delicacies

In 2019, Proper Meats & Delicacies brought Axiom on board to build a customer-facing brand for the launch of their products into the retail marketplace. We documented the brand-building process, and captured how Axiom and Proper worked together to create a stunning new design that captures the values and the spirit that sets Proper a cut above their competitors at a crucial time in their company’s development.

Take a look inside Axiom’s creative process to see how the brand was built; from ‘discovery’ discussions over beers, searching for inspirations, and round after round of polishing and adjustments that ultimately lead to a brand design that will soon be gracing supermarket shelves near you.

Featured in this video are the proprietors of Proper – Freddy and Danielle Kaufman – and Axiom’s partners: Brian Lenihan, Dan Sharfin and Tim Spain.


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