Kicking things off, our teams will have an in depth meeting to discuss and help establish creative direction for the brand. Topics include core values, inspirations and anything to help our team understand what differentiates this brand.

Here we organize an extensive brand study, observing fonts, icons, imagery and other assets. The team will analyze creative strategies in the market and identify a viable plan for the brand.

Each brand project will have its own unique set of creative opportunities and challenges. In this step the team will explore solutions on how to present the brand in a way that aligns with established core values and creative direction.

At this point our designers will begin building out possibile options for brand identity solutions based off our findings.

Objective feedback is the goal of the initial presentations. This information will be used as a tool to improve on the designs or shift creative direction.

After a few rounds of feedback and some refinements to initial ideas, the final designs are ready to go and next steps are established.